Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Adventures of the Unemployed

Once upon a time (naturally), a young, single adult, named Ashley, quit her job. This was not any ordinary job she quit and this was not any ordinary reason why she decided to quit as well. Her job was to sell the devils brew disguised and advertised as a harmless stimulant called coffee. Ashley knew it was wrong to sell coffee and finally quit. But that's not the only reason why she quit. No, she quit mainly because she had a duty to fulfill. A divine calling to Boise, Idaho where the people of Idaho needed to hear her voice declaring truth and righteousness.

But she still has about a month to do that. In the meantime, she has to find ways to entertain herself and find new ways to get out and about to take care of the things needed for her marvelous journey. So far, her entertainment has consisted of the following: babysitting, watching t.v. (particularily Dirty Jobs), learning to throw a football (thanks Sol), and reading her scriptures. Ashley looks forward to phone calls from the doctor, a letter from the DMV, hanging out with her ex-co-workers (tonight), going to the temple, seeing Mom, and (obviously) going on my mission.
This story hasn't ended yet. In fact, this story, hopefully, will last for years.

Friday, January 14, 2011


I no longer work at Starbucks! WHOOO!!!!!! So long!!!

Hello Again!

It has been particularily hard lately to write what I felt on my little bloggie because I felt almost nothing. I was having a hard time sorting through my emotions and did not know what I wanted. This confusion I now believe was caused by Satan's hatred and manipulation because I am about to serve a full-time mission. He can't stand the fact that I am stronger in spirit and in mind and that I want to bring others into the gospel. I have been praying and reading the scriptures and am gaining a stonger testimony everytime I do so. I admit that I am nervous to go on my mission but that will not stop me from ever turning away from it. This is what I have been prepering for. I KNOW the gospel is true! I KNOW that only through Jesus Christ's atonement we can be forgiven of our many humanly sins. Only through the atonment can we reach exaltation!! I believe the words of the Book of Mormon are TRUE and I sustain all the apostles and our respected and wonderful prophet Thomas S. Monson! I love this gospel and I love it's doctrines.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You Sol!

I owe a lot to my friend Sol. He has always been the first to come to my aid for lots of things namely: when I am hungry (lol), when I am in need of a laugh, when I really want to watch Inception (twice! lol), when I want to re-live an inside joke, when I need a ride home from work b/c it's too dark and scary, and when I really need a friend to talk to. He has been an amazing blessing in my life and I am glad that he is making the decision and is determined to serve a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Thank You Sol!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Missionary Opportunity

Day before yesterday (12/10/10) one of my regulars at Starbucks was asking questions about the Mormon church and how we differ from other religions. I started talking about the Plan of Salvation. I explained it as best as I could but I tend to over-explain things. So I asked him (John) if I could bring him an article to read about it. He accepted and was anxious to learn more.

(12/11/10) I had plans to bike to work b/c I had not asked anyone in advance for a ride. Melissa was gone to school. A couple hours later, she came home because she forgot something and asked me if I wanted a ride to work even though I'd be an hour early. I was totally up for that.
Melissa dropped me off and about 20 minutes later, I run into John. I asked him if he wanted a look at the article I had for him, once again he accepted. We sat down as we looked over the article (it got it off of a BYU site). He had so many questions. I asked him if he'd like a Book of Mormon to perhaps answer some questions I might not be able to. He accepted :)

I have not seen him since that day but I know I'll see him soon. I did tell him that my favorite part about being a Latter-Day Saint was the knowledge I have of the Atonement. He also loved the part about the three kingdoms of glory. Hopefully, he will have more questions for me on our next encounter. I am excited to share the gospel with him. If Melissa had not come at the time she did and taken me to work, I know I would have missed him. I know that I could have met up with him another time but maybe this was the best time to see him. I know that the Lord was/is guiding me to this person. We'll see how nest time goes.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


A big shout out to my sister Melissa!!!! Happy Birthday Mel! I am so grateful for everything you have done for me! You are a gorgeous, smart, self-sufficient woman, sister, and Mother.

My First Time Through

This is definitely the time of my life and I think I am doing alright at it. I think I'm doing what I need to be doing and that's preparing to serve a mission. A part of that preparation requires me to take out my endowments at the San Diego Temple. I am so excited for the 14th of January to come because that is the day I will go through. I know I am worthy to enter the temple yet the whole process makes me have so many questions as to what will happen. Probably because I am just so excited! I am so grateful for all the Lord has done for me. These past few months have been rough without a car. And I know he has definitely provided a way for me to get to work and back home safely every time. He has also blessed me with comfort and clarity of mind to get things done. All I have to do is to act on it. Steve has also helped me out so much throughout all of this and I am so grateful to have a brother so helpful and understanding. Steve has been there for me a lot.